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You know using safelists is a fast way to get traffic to your ads, but if you're like 99.9% of safelist users, you are feeling just a little frustrated, peeved or even seriously p****d off right now...

Why is that?

Could it be because you have not had any results from safelists yet...? If you’re like most people, you’re running around promoting your affiliate pages on a bunch of different safelists but getting nowhere fast...


You have probably tried different programs but got the same results...


Why is nothing happening?

Simply put, it’s because all the other safelist users
are trying to promote THEIR program to YOU
and are NOT interested in YOUR programs...

You can bet your bottom dollar that they are just as frustrated as you are because nobody is joining their programs either! It’s kinda crazy, all that...

Me Too, Me Too,
Me Too
Yada Yada

We call it... “Headless chicken marketing.” LOL!

Yet, you KNOW there is a small group of savvy safelist marketers who are RAKING IN THE SAFELIST DOLLARS every single day...

How do they do it?

Simply by UNDERSTANDING what safelist users

That is the ONLY difference between the WINNERS
and the LOSERS on the safelists...

What if we could offer you an easy way to join the WINNERS...?

A way to STOP running around like a headless chicken and
finally start to RULE THE ROOST on the safelists...!

What if you had something that safelist users DESPERATELY WANT (even if they don’t know it yet)...?

     ...Something you could GIVE AWAY...

         ...and yet make a ton of money with, day after day...?

How would that improve things for your business?

Rinse & Repeat!

That’s exactly why we wrote our FREE report, “Profit From The Viral Mailer Safelist Revolution” - to offer safelist users HOT information about how to profit from the recent changes in the safelist industry.

When you offer our free insiders report you will be able to
magnetically attract prospects to your list,
just as we do, every single day...

And you KNOW our method works because YOU and many other people responded to our offer, which is WHY you are reading this right now!

Make Money With Us!

YES, for a limited time only, we are inviting YOU to tap into our experience and start making money with us on the safelists by giving away your own rebranded copy of “Profit From The Viral Safelist Revolution”...

But before we get into the juicy details, and just in case you have never heard of us before, we’d like to tell you a bit about who we are:

YES! I want to profit from the 

Viral Safelist Revolution! 

starting TODAY with my own personally-rebranded squeeze page, rebranded report and email follow-up campaign.

I understand I will receive a massive bonus of 50k safelist mailing credit, 50k banner impressions and 50k free text ads, worth over $500.00, 100% FREE!!!

My Safelist Revolution

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"I didn't know much or understand much of what I was doing until you showed me what to do. Taking the time to help me get organized and save time. In just a short time my list started to grow. Literally within the hour. I finally have a SYSTEM I can promote with confidence."

Alice Bridieu

"Before I read your report I never made a single sale on the safelists. I thought they were a waste of time - but I was wrong! Now I am getting people onto my list and even begun to earn some commissions from them - a first for me! Thanks for putting me on the right track. "

Angela Smith

"As Almighty-safelist owner & LFMVM Script user, I have to say I am IMPRESSED with your report. The truth is that viral mailers WORK INCREDIBLY WELL! Now users have an easy solution to help them recruit & activate new members. I really think this is a win-win for owners and members alike. Thank you!"

~Ghislain Poirier Owner of Almighty Safelist

"As a promoter and an LFMVM safe list owner, I have am always looking for new ways to promote. Your report hit the nail on the head. Viral Mailers Do Work , if they are used right. This is the most comprehensive Report on the Ins and Outs of Viral Mailers Thanks again Rina and David for the time and effort spent on it."

~Donald Harrison Owner of MadDogMailz

"Thank you Rina & David for this great report on Viral Mailers. This Report proves that if used correctly, Viral Mailers can be used to build a business. You guys have outlined the high points very effectively to be able to guide individuals to future success."

~Gary Russeau Owner of Social Viral Mailer

"Thank you Rina & David for bringing us a report that we can actually put to use NOW to accelerate our earnings. This is the type of report that I've been waiting to see! No fluff here. The report, funnel, & rebranding capability of this program are going to help everyone. Highly Successful."

~Maria McCarthy Owner of LOL Solos Instant Viral Mailer

"If you want to make this your best year ever, then YOU NEED THIS REPORT! Rina Baxter and David Hurley brings ultimate value to the Safelist Industry. This report WILL make you money & WILL save you time, Period. Learn from the pros. Duplicate and Repeat!"

~Glen Murray Owner of GrapeVine Mailer

"As usual, something good comes from the excellent team Rina & David! Congratulations! You made everyone`s life easier, both members and mailers owners."

~Isabela Alexanian Owner of Speedy Traffic Mailer

"Thanks Rina and David for your efforts in bringing us a report that will make a difference! Promoting the right sites and offers is key to earning. Plus with the built in affiliate funnel there will be no guessing anymore! You've laid it all out so everyone can WIN!"

~Marty Petrizza Owner of Email-Hog Mailer

My Safelist Revolution

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